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    How to correctly use Hide All/Show All in RH HTML review?

    DNCopeland Level 1

      When using the Hide All or Show All filter options seen in RH HTML's Review Pane it states that all "comments and changes are hidden or seen in Review Pane as well as in Design Editor."  I cannot see any change when I look at the inserted or deleted items in the Design View.  Am I missing something?  I am trying to find a way to show all changes as "final' like Word 2010 does by using "Final" before we accept/reject these changes.  It appears that "View Selected Item" of the active topic may work the same way as I am hoping and shows all changes as if they were already accepted. Am I correct?


      I haven't heard from anyone in the forum so I wonder if I wasn't clear enough?  I am just trying to find out how you can view track changes seen inside a project's topics as if they were accepted, without having actually accepted them yet.  I see that when I select the "View Selected Item" button I see everything, whether it inserted or deleted.  Is that the only way to get a feel of what the final topic would 'look' like?