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    Combine Data across multiple forms


      I'm using the trial so I realize it only allows for one form, but my goal is to have multiple forms that share the same data.

      For example, a customer fills out a 'request form' and we will then create internal job or quote forms from that data- would not want to have to re-enter all the same fileds (customer name, address, job, description, etc).


      Can you link forms by a specific field ?


      Also, do the forms allow for automatically creating a sequential ID# / any type of reference number.


      This seem sort of basic database features, hopefully they are available with Formcentral


      Appreciate your help,



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          Drewy62 Adobe Employee



          Unfortunately neither of the workflows you are looking for are currently supported by Formscentral. Specifically there is no way to pre-populate form fields for users. Your second request for unique/sequential ID's is also not currently supported. In general I would suggest looking into using full Acrobat and or Livecycle for these types of transactional workflows. As we may support these features in the future I suggest you check back with us from time to time.




          Andrew Yarborough

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