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    Want to try Flex3, but have a Flex2 license...

      As the topic says, I'd like to try out the beta. Can I have both Flex2 and the Flex3 beta installed on the same machine? I've read about problems where the Flex2 license in the Flex3 beta doesn't always work - something about it expiring?

      - Chris
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          cxf02 Level 1
          Once you install Flex 3, you will have the choice of using either flex 2 or 3 compilers within the Flex 3 environment. Don't worry about having both installed as long as they are in separate directories of eclipse. They both will work just fine. The expiration gripe is normally voiced by those who don't own the version 2 license and want to use flex 3 past the 30 day limit. However, there has been a few folks who have had issues with valid licenses. Personally, for those who haven't bought a license, I don't share much empathy for their complaints. Adobe has provded a revolutionary product that will do for SOA what powerBuilder did for client/server in the early 90's. And for a fraction of the price!