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    Inserting model of sculpture into scene

    craftyste123 Level 1



      I'm an experienced user of photoshop but need to do something I've not done before.


      I am designing a piece of public sculpture for outdoors.  I have photographs of the location and photographs of my little model.  I now need to insert the photograph of the little model into the location photographs and make it look like it belongs there.  So I need the inserted model to adopt the environmental effects of it's surroundings.


      I can obviously do this the long manual way in photoshop or take the 3D modelling and rendering route, but I just wondered if there is a specific tool/command in photoshop that is designed for such a thing?


      I don't need it to look perfect. I just don't want it to look like its been "imported" in from nowhere.


      Oh and I'm using CS5.5


      Cheers guys