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    drag and drop picture frames in Photoshop Elements 11 from one file to another?




      I am a digital scrapbooker.


      I recently started using Adobe Photoshop Elements 11. I previously had been using Elements 7. I make extensive use of Picture Frames i.e "Basic Black 10px", and in Elements 7, it was very easy to drag and drop a picture frame from one file to another. (I use a separate file for each scrapbook page, and I often move pictures between  pages as I scrap them)


      In Photoshop Elementa 11,  I can drag and drop a picture frame from one file to another, but ONLY if there is no picture in it. If there is a picture, I cannot drag and drop - the circle-slash icon appears showing that it won't land. I was able to do this in Photoshop Elements 7, whether or not there was a picture in the frame.


      Any ideas of what I might be doing wrong, or did Photoshop Elements change this functionality?


      Thank you!