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    My Pointer/Position Tool is Missing and I need it BACK!


      I'm working in CS4 on a MacBook Pro (OS 10.6.8).  I've had some wanky things happen recently, culminating in pointer tool going missing, and followed online instructions to trash my preferences and saved data (this helped wonderfully well the first time this happened, but despite repeated tries now, does NOTHING).  I also tried uninstalling and reinstalling inDesign TWICE.  I actually waited for 1 hour on the phone today to talk to a technical advisor, who told me that CS4 is no longer supported and I'd need to look for my answer in this forum.


      Any ideas?  I'm desperate for my pointer/position tool!  The only way I can make use of it now is to quit inDesign.  When I re-open it, the cursor defaults to the pointer tool, but once I need to use another tool from the tool bar, there is no way to get BACK to the pointer tool to move objects around my document.


      I would be EVER SO GRATEFUL for helpful advice!!!


      Thank you!