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    How does Edge Inspect emulate on device?


      I'm not asking how to hook everything up and get what I'm seeing on my desktop to show on my connected device. I've got that part down.


      Basically, I'm trying to decide between building a web app and building a hybrid app. For design and QA testing purposes, I'm trying to figure out how Edge Inspect is rendering the device. I know the Chrome extension has to be installed for this all to work, so is it displayed on the device with Chrome's rendering engine? Or is Edge Inspect tapping into the device's OS rendering?


      This matters because a web app would require testing on various mobile browsers for a consistent experience, but a hybrid app would require just testing on a few different OS that you choose to support. If Edge Inspect is emulating more like an app would, I will most likely go with a hybrid app. If not, I plan to try the web app route.


      Tips and advice are appreciated! Thanks!

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          Mark_Rausch Adobe Employee

          Edge Inspect doesn't emulate. In both of our device clients we've built in the appropriate web components (WebView - Android / UIWebView - iOS) and display the web pages in those components.


          So, when you browse to a URL in Chrome, we grab that URL and send it to the connected devices. On the device we take the URL, tell the web component to browse to it and display it, and we do the injecttion of javascript for remote inspection, etc. Edge Inspect doesn't do any rendering, we leave it up to the web components. Mostly what the clients do is manage & remember the connection, handle commands from the Chrome extension, inject javascript, and take screenshots of the page.


          Hope this helps,


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            cmegown Level 1

            Hi Mark, thanks for your reply!


            I think that answers my question for the most part. If I am to understand correctly: native apps render from OS specifics (WebView/UIWebView) like you mentioned, but a web app would render depending on the browser you're currently using. If this is incorrect, I would love to know!

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              Mark_Rausch Adobe Employee

              If I understand what you're saying, there is a slight correction I'd make - it's true that native apps render according to the OS and a web app will render according to the browser you're using.


              But when Edge Inspect renders web pages it uses the WebView/UIWebView components that are essentially trimmed down versions of the native browsers on the devices. So the rendering you see in Edge Inspect should be virtually identical to what you'd see in the native browser on the device.


              If you're asking what would be most easily & accurately testable using Edge Inspect, it's going to be a web app built using HTML/CSS/JavaScript.

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                cmegown Level 1

                Great explanation Mark, very clear and helpful. Thank you!