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    FLEX Workers unable to load local files




      I am currently testing the using Actionscript Workers. For the most part everything is working as described, however I notice that the FLASH Player (and even FLASH Builder debugger) is treating any child worker swf as a remote swf. This creates a problem where it can't access local files that are loaded in during runtime (in my case my parent application has a wsdl file saved locally and is trying to pass the same path to the child worker). The following error will be thrown when the worker swf attempts to access to the file:


      *** Security Sandbox Violation ***

      Connection to file:///<filepath> halted - not permitted from file:///<swf file application>

      -- Remote SWFs may not access local files.


      This is problematic as the parent application can access these local files without a problem, so I expected the child workers to behave in the same manner (especially since it's in debug mode).


      Does anyone know of any workaround to this particular issue?