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    AE CS6 crashes at startup - indicating GPU problem




      I am new to the Abobe suite. Using a MacPro running 10.7 Lion, Intel based processors. Using a Radeon ATI 6xxx video card (2 monitors connected via mini-display, HDMI not used at the moment). Installed AE properly (support desk Adobe verified this remotely). AE CS6 is crashing at startup, indicating a GPU problem. Support desk Adobe has advised to contact 'the Mac guys' in order to see if an update to the video card driver might resolve the issue. Mac support is confirming my system to be fully up to date. From other topics on this forum I noticed more people are suffering (or have suffered) the same problem. However I haven't seen any firm/clear resolution to this problem.


      Can anyone tell me (in simple language) what I can do in order to get this configuration to work (ideally without having to replace my Graphics Card - as I believe it is a rather new model that I would expect to be supported)?


      Thanks in advance,