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    Opacity strangeness

    shadowfax007 Level 1

      Hello all-


      sorry to bring this up (I brought it twice before) again but I'm still pulling my hair out (If I didn't have so much hair, I'd be bald by now :-)


      I've uploaded a project here:




      Once in awhile I run into this problem (actually, quite often - almost every other symbol I create).


      1. I create a text object (It happens on images also) and add it to the timeline.

      2. I add an opacity of 100% at 00:00:00     (a random place-it doesn't matter where)

      3. I change the opacity to 0% at 00:01:00     (a random place-it doesn't matter where)

      4. Run the animation.


      The opacity goes up, then down, then back up to amd down to 0%.  Here's an example from the file linked above:


      00:00:00 - opacity at 100%

      00:00:371 - opacity at 2%

      00:00:569 - opacity at 25%

      00:00:727 - opacity at 0%

      00:00:814 - opacity at 6%

      00:00:908 - opacity at 0%

      00:00:956 - opacity at 2%

      00:01:00 - opacity at 0%


      As you can imagine, this becomes quite frustrating!

      I've tried everything I can think of - especially deleting the opacity feature and re-adding it over and over again.

      If I open a new page and try, it works.


      I don't know if it has something to do with other items on the stage or not but it seems strange that it would "bounce" around like this...


      Please, please help me :-)