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    PS Touch Android does not release memory when closed.


      I have to force closure with Task Manager on my Samsung Note 2 running JB 4.1. Why and when will it be fixed?

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          ibarrien Adobe Employee



          how exactly do you close the application?




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            PSqrd Level 1

            Hi Ignacio,


            Sorry for the lack of information - I had typed more complete description, but had trouble posting it.


            The app is installed on a Samsung Galaxy Note 2 phone that is running Jellybean 4.1.1.


            The only way I can see to exit the application is by using the "back" soft key under the screen on the right. Some apps have an "exit" choice under the "menu" soft key, but that key is not active with PSTouch.


            I see the same issue with Google Chrome. The menu key is active with this app, but it does not have an "exit" choice.


            With both these apps, I have to go to the "Active Apps" tab of the Task Manager to release memory.


            There is one difference with PS Touch. Google Chrome always starts the same way whether or not I release it's memory. With PS Touch, if I release memory after closing with the back key, the next time I start it I get an initial royal blue screen with the PS Touch icon in the middle followed by a second screen with a menu in the middle titled "New Project From". If I exit at that point, it takes two presses of the back key to first close the menu and then exit the program and return to a home screen. If I do not release memory, the next time I start PS Touch, it goes directly to the second screen, but without the "New Project From" menu.


            I hope this gives you the information you need.



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              ibarrien Adobe Employee

              I think that I understand your question now.


              The back button only sends applications to the background - it does not shut them down.

              The Active Apps is the way that Google wants you to use for applications from 4.x and later.




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                Hi Ignacio,


                I searched the user manual under exit and close and I see the section about the task manager and using it to close apps.


                I come from a Windows background where programs are usually closed from a pull down menu in the program window, or just closing the program window. As you may know, Windows also has a Task Manager similar to Android, that can be used to stop a process, or close a program that refuses to close. It's not considered a normal way to close a program.


                In spite of what the manual says, it doesn't seem like using Task Manager is considered normal, as there is the message "If you force stop an app, it may cause errors".


                It is a bit confusing, because some apps actually have an exit tab under menu, or an exit soft button on the main screen. One app I have installed allows you to assign the back key to exit the program - it also has a quit tab under the "menu" soft key. Most seem to have no exit, or quit option and I just use the back key. And when I do that, there is no evidence they are still running (other then for Chrome and PS Touch). I think it would be far less confusing if all apps had an official exit / quit button that also released any memory used by the app. I realize not everyone might come from a Windows environment and be predisposed to feel this way - but still it seems to be more logical.



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                  thedicemaster Level 2

                  memory management in android is quite different from windows.

                  in android apps can enter a dormant state(usually when loaded automatically or closed using the back button)

                  in this state the app will use memory, but any active app that needs memory can use the memory of a dormant app.

                  this is how apps are supposed to behave on android, because it allows for faster task switching.


                  there are actually several of these states for apps.

                  a few of them are cached, closed, background, service, foreground, and system(in order from low to high priority)

                  in android memory is only released if an app in a high priority state needs more memory than available, and apps with the lowest priority are killed first.

                  but if there's a lot of free memory "closed" apps will remain loaded in case you want them again, and android starts random apps as "cached" in case you might want to use them as well.

                  killing apps disrupts this system, and brings extra work to android because it has to figure out what to use all the free memory for.


                  in short: there's no need for an exit button, because android will just close it if the memory is needed.

                  android knows best, and it's better not to argue with it.

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                    I would go to the applications menu in the settings screen and uninstall old apps that are no longer being used. I've noticed on my note that sometimes old downloaded apps can still run in the background even if they're no longer used. I would give that a try and see if that improves the performance of your note. just be careful not to uninstall anything important!  :-) As




                    far as PS Touch goes, I would just let it be and exit via the back button. it's working fine that way on my note and I haven't run into problems.

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