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    Adobe Classroom in a Book - Automated Editing to Markers


      I am trying to learn Adobe Premiere in a class right now and we are using "Adobe Premiere Pro Classroom in a Book" as our text.


      On page 139, it is talking about automated editing to markers and no matter what I do, I cannot get the results that the book is talking about.


      I followed all the instructions to the letter:


      Open the sequence Sunset Mortgage in the sequences bin.

      Set the Timeline at the beginning and play the sequence.

      Press the M key to add the markers to the beat of the music.

      Set the Timeline to the beginning.

      In the Project window, select all the Sunset images

      Press the "Automate To" button make the setting match the same as the book.


      I did all this and it still does not work. This is happening on the Mac I have at school as well as my Windows 7 machine at home.




      I included two image. The first one is a screencap of my Automate To sequence (which is the same as the book) and the 2nd one is the Timeline window, showing what happened.