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    importing flash 3d animation into after effects

    Rama1234ish Level 1

      I have to create an animated video for my boss of silhouettes of baseball players on a baseball field. All the baseball players would be flat images. The field would be like an over head image of the field, but 3d rotated so it is 90 degrees with the players. In FLASH I could do this by making a movie clip with the field and the players in it. Then make the players movie clips and 3d rotate them 90 degrees to the screen. After that, go outside the first symbol and 3d rotate that and move it around. The problem I with having with FLASH was that when I would 3d rotate the field in the middle of the screen it would rotate away from the left side of the screen. So, my question is could I build the feild and players in flash and import the 3d symbol into AFTER EFFECTS and still 3d manipulate. Or, is there a way to change where movie clips 3d rotate away from in FLASH? I will post this on both AFTER EFFECTS and FLASH's discussions. I would really appreciate it if everyone who reads this answers both questions. Thank you.