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    Flash crashes


      flash still crashing, it seems that the updates are not compatible with the any browser under windows up dates, i run firefox on one machine, ie on another, and chrome, all have the same results, flash crashing. you need to get with it and come up with a solution. i have your latest updates, frankly it doesnt work under any system running the latest windows browsers. ragardless of mahine make and which browser we use.

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          chris.campbell Adobe Employee

          I branched this to a new topic as the previous one was more than 6 months old.


          Please open a new bug report on this issue over at bugbase.adobe.com. The following FAQ will walk you through the information we'll need and instructions for generating a crash log (if applicable):


          How do I report a Flash Player crash to Adobe?


          Once the bug has been added, please post back with the bug URL or bug number so that others effected can add their comments and votes.


          On Firefox, you might be running into a conflict with our Protected Mode which was introduced in Flash Player 11.4.  Please try the troubleshooting steps outlined in this FAQ:


          How do I troubleshoot Flash Player's protected mode for Firefox?


          In particular, I'd recommend temporarily disabling protected mode (for troubleshooting purposes only) to see if that addresses the issue.

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            vladondrak Level 1

            already tried that, no go. as i said, i run many browsers. it just doesn't matter which one , it still crashes. it is not a new bug.

            it just doesn't work proper;y

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              Mnemoth42 Level 1

              I'm sorta tired of this stock answer.  It's not helping.  Over the last year, I've gone through this three different times.  Browser freezing anytime a flash comes up... discover that Adobe's automatially updated me to the latest flash, do all the stuff you mentioned above... finally reinstalling 10.3...  Now, every page I go to I have to manually "reenable" 10.3, I get warning messages up the wazoo.  Like vladondrak, this is across multiple systems.   Since the whole internet seems to run on flash now, I'm feeling a bit screwed over, and Adobe's primary response is always just what you typed above... At some point, Adobe might actually ask why it is that 11.x won't run on a LOT of systems.  Flipping the switch so 10.3 users get nagged every page switch is over the top. 

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                chris.campbell Adobe Employee

                We don't control what version a webpage requires.  We currently update the 10.3 branch with security updates when they are made available.  However, a site can require any version they want.  I know that there are some sites that require 11.x and I understand this is frustrating.  It's best to bring this up with the content owner.


                As for the bugs, have either of you added entries into our bug database as I noted above?  I would recommend at least submitting bug reports via your browser (either Chrome or Firefox) so we can see these issues and prioritize accordingly.




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                  Mnemoth42 Level 1

                  Actually, it turns out Firefox is the one shutting down 10.3 at every page load.  They've provided a site by site fix... you can "always load" at a particular site now with the latest version of Firefox. 

                  But fixing 11.x would be a HUGE thing.  I've submitted bug reports, as near as I can tell, they've never even been glanced at.  The last time it was updated to 11.6 it was a push, I never gave permission to upgrade, it just HAPPENED.  I've double checked my settings, they're set not to upgrade.  I do try every time you guys come up with another version, but it's the same thing every time, and the same answer "have you tried..."


                  This last time, I was getting ready to view the course materials for my online classes, and spent 1/2 the day trying to uninstall 11.6 instead of taking my classes.  (It took three tries, and finally manually going into the windows directory and deleting a DLL) 


                  I don't like the idea of running 10.3, an outdated flash player, but I don't have a choice.  So for now, when I hit a new page I've never been to before, I have to re-enable flash...


                  On the bright side... I don't see nearly as many ads on sites that only use the flash content to deliver ads.