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    Advice on A video editing system please

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      I'm a serious hobbyist/user of a lot of the Adobe family, PS, Illustrator and more recently Premiere Pro.  I've got a Cloud membership package.


      My question is this (and I know there will be the full spectrum of kit here from very high-end to low-end, plus Mac v PC) - what would ppl class as a good mid to high range system for me. This is it currently:

      asus P7X79 Pro mobo,

      16GB Ripjaws 2400mhz DDR5,

      Intel i7 3930K 3.2Ghz,

      Intel 250GB SSD (Boot),

      2 x WD Raptor 500GB Drives in RAID (Media storage),

      2 x 120gb SSD drives both scratch. 

      ATI HD 7950 3GB Graphics (I know NVIDIA for MPE) but I cannot justify buying a Quadro card as this system is only 8 months old and was well suited to the graphics and illustration work.

      NEC PA301W 30" IPS screen (25th Wedding Anniversary present)


      To give an indication of how fast it performs on processing video currently - a 2560x1600 at 60fps which is in .avi format, gives me 4GB raw footage every minute - If put through AME and encoded to 1920x1080 using H.264 30fps AAC, it takes 4 mins to process each one.  these settings give me good end quality against file size.


      Is this reasonable? could I maybe change anything and what would you recommend if that is the case?  and if anyone has any comments on the settings, i.e. they should be something else, feel free. I'm learning the program through adobe CIB and a well known online video training site.


      I'll take all the help/advice you can offer.