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    Connect 8/Presenter 8 quiz freezing problem, please help!

    grantcook Level 1



      As we are testing out out LMS we noticed that if someone closes the learning module window whilst midway through a quiz (possibly called away) and comes back later to continue, the window opens back up in one of three ways:


      The Alignment of the questions is very far apart and in multiple choice questions, the answer select icon is missing and the submit contiue buttons are greyed out.


      The screen is blank and the questions off to the side(the outline tab) are absent besides the first question.


      The questions in the outline tab are partly present but wont display on screen when clicked.


      screencap of problem.JPG

      (there is supposed to be 10 questions)


      screencap of problem2.JPG

      (only a few question display, but not on the main screen when selected)


      Using Connect 8 and presenter 8 and powerpoint 2007


      Tested on Firefox and IE 8 on 6 different computers running everything from XP to Windows 7. (not tested on OSX)


      Any ideas?