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    Newbie: Does InDesign come with built-in styles?


      I just started learning InDesign CS6 today, and I thought it was going well, to a degree.  I was creating my own styles, doing split and spanned columns, etc.


      However, what I really wanted to do (at least for now) was to import a Word document (and then obviously clean the debris up).  Various websites have advice on doing so, advising to do File | Place, select Show Import Options, select the Word file, then Customize Style Import, and click on Style Mapping... .


      Each of those websites, including on Adobe.com, tell me I should then select the best InDesign Style in the right-hand column to match the Word Style in the left-hand column.  However, when I click on one of the entries on the right-hand side in the InDesign Style column, there are no InDesign styles to select!


      Which brings me to the question in the subject line of this post: Does InDesign come with built-in styles, as suggested by the instructions provided by many for importing Word documents into InDesign?


      If so, how do I get them to appear in my Paragraph Styles menu and also in the Word import Style Mappings?  My Paragraph Styles menu only has the [Basic Paragraph] entry... no others.


      Or do I need to create every style from scratch?




      - Rick