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    Problem with speed change in Twixtor Pro

    Stephen Barrante Level 1

      Using Twixtor 5.0 and After Effects CS6, and I'm struggling with a situation where keyframing the Speed% change causes the slow frames to freeze for several frames at a time.


      What works:


      1. Drop clip into new comp
      2. Enable Time-remaping, and extend the length of the comp to a good minute or so longer than source clip
      3. Add Twixtor Pro to clip layer (appears to behave the same if you drop this comp into another clip and apply to that)
      4. Set frame rate to match comp's (and clips)
      5. Set speed% to something low, like 5.


      Clip plays back nice and smooth and slow, every frame is interpolated.


      What doesn't work:


      1. Repeat above steps... up to 5
      2. Set a keyframe for speed% to 1000
      3. Advance playhead ahead a second, set another keyframe to maintain speed
      4. Move several frames, set keyframe for speed% to 5


      When I playback the clip, after the last speed change, instead of nice smooth motion, I get a still frame, then several identical frames, then it jumps again to the next incremental frame, and so on – with NO smooth interpolated frames. The result, as you can guess, is quite jerky.


      If you trash all the keyframes and just leave the speed change to 5, it plays totally smooth. Which is just great, except for the fact I want to actually animate it.


      Has anyone encountered this?


      In the meantime as a backup, I'm using Timewarp, but I would love to sort this out.