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    Error, Unknown Exception


      We have recently began to experience an "Unknown Exception" error, when we launch the project. The error comes up after we select the [YES] button to download the latest version from the RoboSource Control.

      We also noticed that the RoboSource status bar stoped updated this bar when the error message occurs. When we selected [OK] on the error message, the application allows us to continue. However, there are certain files that did "not" get updated from RoboSource control.

      We have also contacted Tech. Support, and it was their recommendation to delete the RoboSource Control application along with its registry, and subsequently re-install the application; later, the individual projects were imported into the new database. Furthermore, the surrogate user's RoboHelp X5 application along with its registry and database were removed, and then the application was re-installed.

      Long story long... all of this effort did "not" fix our original problem—the "unknown exception" error—is still present. Ugh! Please help.

      Thank you,