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    How do you manage different target platforms from one FLA?

    LilGames Level 1

      I am in the throes of trying to publish an app for both iOS and Android mobile devices and am having trouble finding some guides related to how to most easily target these two platforms without duplicating code or FLA files.


      So far, I have one single code base that checks CONFIG::DEVICE constant to know what platform dependant classes it should or shouldn't use, but as for the FLA, I have two copies of this same FLA with different publishing settings (one set for iOS and one set for Android, and each with the appropriate difference set in the config constant). Needless to say, managing two FLAs with nearly identical content is a pain in the butt.


      How am I supposed to do it (using Flash Professional CS6)? I was considering using "Profiles" (upper left corner of Publish Settings panel) but in the past whenever I've relied on Profiles it has been unrealiable. For example, the SWF file name doesn't change, making it a pain to try and make a seperate SWF for iOS and one for Android. If I just change the target platform in the pulldown mennu for that, will it remember the old settings when I come back to a previous selection? (ie: AIR 3.6 for ios, vs AIR 3.6 for Android, etc)


      Suggestions?  I couldn't find anything by Googling.