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    CQ Forms text field issue

    AshishSPanwar Level 2



      I'm using CQ5.5 (SP 2.1). While playing around with the OOTB forms component in CQ5, I noticed a small issue (bug??).

      Add a text field to the form and select the "Only show value" option in the first tab and save the form. Again edit the text field and now "deselect" the "Only show value" checkbox and save.

      I noticed that the value did not persist in the repository (should have been deleted the second time). Again edit the text field and you'll notice that the checkbox is still selected. Deselecting from dialog will not work.

      I traced the requests and found 2 ways to resolve this.

      1. In the dialog save operation post request, readOnly property (name of "Only show value" checkbox) is always set to true. Setting this to false works.

      2. I noticed that in the post request on dialog save operation, there's a parameter "undefined@Delete = true". I believe this should have been ./readOnly@Delete=true. I tried this and this also resolved the issue.


      Please note that the above 2 approaches had to be done via curl to make POST requests to specific content form paths. This would require some JS updates to make it work correctly via component dialog.

      Has anybody faced similar issue before? I think there should be a hotfix for this.