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    Workflows are increasing open files in linux

    maruthid Level 1

      Hi All,


      We are facing one major issue when migrating images to DAM. Files are opening exponentially after migrating some 20 to 30k images and server is shutting down.

      When we re-start the instance and start migration open files are initially around 2000 suddenly it spikes to 69k with in 5 min and again it is going down. So we cannot even execute the migration after restart also. This env is not in cluster.


      When we disable wf and run our piece of code which will create assets and subassets file opening are not going beyond 2100 to 2500 based on this we are assuimg these wf are causing this issue. How can we mitigate this issue. what are the options available to troubleshoot this kind of issue.


      we are running only 2 workflows

      Dam update asset with first 4 steps (for renditions creation)

      Metadata writeback on node modification