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    Is Java necessary?


      When viewing the Adobe Presenter course, is JAVA necessary?

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          VikramGaur Adobe Employee



          Welcome to Adobe Forums.


          Adobe Presenter 8 produce .SWF and .PDF (Publishing to Connect is also an option)


          To view .SWF you need Adobe Flash Player and for .PDF you need Adobe Reader or Acrobat


          JAVA is not needed to view Adobe Presenter published output




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            sssofsss Level 1

            Hi, Vikram,


            Thanks a lot for your reply.


            Yes, it is not needed to view Presenter published output located in my PC.The output can be viewed in a PC without JAVA installed.


            Then I upload the Presenter published output to a LMS platform, and publish it as a learning course.

            When I try to open the learning course in the LMS platform, the error message appears which is either "JAVA is needed" or "Error on page".


            Is the error message due to the LMS platform?

            But, how does Presenter output files commuincate with LMS system? Isn't it through Java coding?


            Best regards.

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              VikramGaur Adobe Employee



              Might be a possibility that your LMS need JAVA to show the output (Any plugin working on LMS)


              LMS output mainly consist of HTML, Javascript and Adobe Flash Content.




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                sssofsss Level 1

                Dear Vikram,


                How does the Presenter output commuincate with the backend LMS system?

                Is it through Java coding or HTML coding?


                According to SCORM protocol, each output needs to communicate with LMS. For example, informing the LMS about the learner's test scores or other progress information, and the communication uses JavaScript calls.

                So, it means that JAVA is needed for communication between Presenter output and the LMS.

                Am I right?