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    h.264 export without audio creates files that are not recognized in Quicktime or VLC

    Carl Schuurbiers Level 1

      Dear all,


      I need to generate h.264 files with video only. (short clips for use with a "clickable" catalog on an iPad)

      Used the "H.264" category and chose a preset. Unchecked "Audio" so I only get the video exported.

      The resulting .m4v file is not playable in Quicktime or VLC or MPEG streamclip.


      When I leave audio enabled with the same preset, the file is fine, but as soon as I export without audio, the resulting file is unreadable.


      Source material is ProRes 422HQ, audio+video, about 30-40 seconds long.


      Any clues?




      Mac Pro 5,1

      24GB RAM

      Nvidia Quadro4000

      4TB internal RAID0

      OS 10.7.5

      Premiere 6.0.2