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    Counter or bars on screen

    TheoRichel Community Member



      I'm on PE 9 and I am looking for a way to display either a counter on screen or a bar diagram that grows or shrinks depending on the given number.  Is there a plugin somewhere?

      The counter should show the numbers rotating and end with a number I define. The growing/shrinking motion of the bars  should be visible as well.


      Many thanks

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          the_wine_snob CommunityMVP

          Would that counter be SMPT TimeCode, such as 00;00;00;027, counting either up, or down, or say 5, 4, 3, 2, 1?


          For the "bars," are you referring to, say Color Bars, or a custom graphic?


          Would this be for an Intro, or be superimposed over Video footage? If only for an Intro, then maybe there are some stock footages of various "counters," like the old movie countdown Clips, where the seconds are counted down, and often with a circle forming and disappearing to start over again.


          For the former, if an SMPT TimeCode is required, you could do this easily (along with almost any "bars") in Adobe After Effects.


          If it's a simple countdown, then one could do that with 01 sec. Titles in PrE, and one could also animate a "bars" graphic, to grow (Motion>Scale), and shrink.


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            the_wine_snob CommunityMVP

            Here is an example of a countdown timer Intro: http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=TOsGAxFcYls


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              Steve Grisetti CommunityMVP

              The graphics you're describing really sound more like PowerPoint or presentation software to me than video editing.


              If you're asking for graphs to update as you change its numbers, that's not really a video editing process.