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    Large merged WebHelp system takes forever to display TOC/Index in Firefox



      We are using a merged Web Help system (RoboHelp 9). There are about 20 modules, many of which are optional.  In Internet Explorer 9, it works fine and displays the TOC/Index within 10 seconds.  But in Firefox 19.0, it takes a full 3 minutes to display the TOC/Index. Obviously this is unacceptable.  One of our doc people did some tests and determined that when you have a merged TOC structure, but one or more of the merged projects are not actually present, Firefox seems to spend a long time waiting for it to appear.  Eventually just displays the TOC without the missing projects (as it should).


      Does anyone have suggestions on how to mitigate this?


      Also - and I think this is an entirely different problem - I can't get the Chrome browser to display anything except the help toolbar, even for a single (non-merged) help module.  Is there a security setting that I'm missing?



      Jenny Hecker