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    Weird problem: RTMP, OSMF and long videos: timing issues after 5924 seconds


      This is a really really strange problem, we are developing an Android app for VOD. We decided on an Adobe AIR/Flex basis with Spark video Player as the player. Video is served by Wowza 3.5.2

      Now, there's a very strange bug. When a long video reaches a certain time (1:39:24 , i.e. 5924s), the current position displayed on the player interface starts to jump around. Instead of increasing by 1 every second, it will go from 1:39:24 to 1:39:35, stay there a few seconds then go to 38s, etc, jumping every few seconds.

      It's more than likely an issue with OSMF, we built a very basic test player, with no additional interface, and the problem repeats itself.  It does not happen with JWplayer 5 or 6, or with OSMF on PC by Flash. It does not happen if we use HDS streaming, but that brings about its own batch of bugs that we'd rather not sort out, as RTMP is working out perfectly apart from this glitch.

      Videos are encoded with Handbrake, in 360p, 480p and 720p resolutions, and the glitch start at exactly the same time on any title or resolutions.


      This glitch repeats itself on almost all devices we have tested, regardless of Android version, or CPU/GPU. Only one device so far does not show this glitch, an HTC Flyer, and other devices which do not have GPU acceleration

      Soo.... any ideas?