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    Hide pages containing invisible fields





      I created this form and i have 20 checkboxes that when checked they each make a text box located below appear. My problem is that when no checkboxes are checked, the extra pages where the invisible text objects are located still show. I'd like those pages to be hidden until the user checks one or more of those boxes.

      I appreciate your help.

      Thank you!


      (I'm using LiveCycle Designer ES2)

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          Mandy_Wiesener Level 3

          You have to use not "invisible" because that's need space in the pdf.

          You have to use always "hidden".


          The next step is that you use 1 dynamic page not 1, 2, 3..pages..

          Please show at the screenshot in the hierarchy.



          Only then (hidden and a correct hierarchy) will the content flowed correct and you have no more empty pages.

          Unfortunality you have to change your scripts because the path is changed.


          Hope it's helpful,