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    USB microphone is not listed in Premiere's Audio-Hardware drop down

    Bea Cabrera Level 1

      Hello all.


      First of all, I would very gladly appreciate any insight here because I'm totally stuck with this trying to record a voice over track.


      The title is pretty self explanatory. I'm working on MacOS X and Premiere Pro CS5 and I would like to record an audio track but the USB microphone doesn't show up. I've already read several forum threads and followed the steps but this problem has not been mentioned yet.


      This is what I have done several times with no luck:

      1- Connect USB and check MacOS recognizes it. It works fine.

      2- In Premiere Pro mark track as recording track. Error appears because no input device has been stated.

      3- Premiere Pro >> Preferences >> Audio-Hardware ---> no microphones on the drop down menu.

      4- So I open Audio Midi Setup and add all microphones to Premiere Pro (Line-In, Built-in and USB device).

      5- Back to step 3: Reopen the project >> Preferences >> Audio-Hardware ---> Line-In and Built-in appear, but no USB microphone still.


      I have been able to record with the Built-in microphone, but I don't know what's happening to the USB one. In fact, if I go back to step 4 and open the Audio Midi Setup, checkboxes that I had once checked appear unchecked again.


      I don't understand what's happening. Thank you in advanced for your help.