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    Help:  Pseudo mosaic tiles randomly dropping!

    Jon-M-Spear Level 4

      Challenge:  a screen of 12,273 x 1080 px is divided into 560 tiles of 153 x 153 px, 7 rows by 80 columns.


      I want to be able to map a single image across all tiles with the ability to individually alter the colour balance of tiles to look like a pseudo mosaic...




      I want the tiles to randomly drop  - as though fallling off a wall - until they vanish off the bottom of the frame to reveal a new image on the lower layer.  This cycle repeats.



      Manually separating and colour adjusting each image into 560 pieces is impractical becase of the timescale and the shear number of images.  I have produced a master grid in Illustrator consisting of 560 separate tiles.   Is there a way of using this as a bump map in some way to create different colour/tone maps?  I have imported this ito AE as separate layers, but cannot find a way of animating them realistically.  Applying vertical position keyframes to 560 layers is not possible in the timescale.


      Card Dance and Card Wipe are too contrived and regular for the tile drop to look realistic/random, and don't allow velocity.


      Any hints for all or part of what I'm trynig to achieve would be extremely welcome.