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    Animation problems on phones


      I have built several edge animate files that load/run perfectly on any device. However, I am having problems with my latest project. It loads/runs fine in any browser on my computer, but only runs in portrait view on my phone (and my friends' phones). If I rotate my phone to landscape view, the animation hangs. This happens even if I start the view in landscape. I thought it may have been related to the size of the images used (many were 1-1.5M), but I have reduced the images down below 500k. I've also eliminated as many elements as possible and have tried to not overlap multiple transitions. I've seen marginal improvements.


      The file can be viewed at http://www.beneint.com/kiwi     Please remember to view on your phone in landscape view. Can anyone tell me what I'm doing wrong?


      Any help would be greatly appreciated. Thanks in advance.

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          TimJaramillo Level 4

          Hi bevans, it seems to load fine in landscape mode on iOS6, iPhone4. What devices are you testing on?


          Looks great, btw.

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            bevans9908 Level 1

            Hi Tim, I'm testing on a LG Intuition and several other Android devices. Loads great on the Evo, but not the Intuition. Also tested on a netbook and had the same problem. Never had this problem before, but also don't think I've ever had this many transitions in a single timeline.


            Just tested on the same phone using the default browser (instead of Chrome) and it loaded fine. Looks like it may be a Chrome problem. Probably no real fix for this.


            Thanks for checking it out...and for the compliment.