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    Pixie Dust Tutorial


      Hi everyone,




        I came across this pixie dust tutorial by Rick Gerard on Creative Cow but for some reason I cannot get the sample project file to download. I am on a Mac and I have tried right clicking and downloading the file but it comes back as a corrupted file. Does anyone have a copy of the sample file or a replicated file that's updated for CS6?


        I have tried following the instructions in the original post but I am having trouble when it comes to pasting the path onto Force 1's position. Everytime I select "position" and paste the path, it gets pasted as a mask path instead. Is it possible to bind the position to the path with expressions using the pick whip instead and still getting this pixie dust effect to work?


        I am running Mac OSX 10.7.4 and have AE CS6


      Thank you everyone in advance for your help.

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          Dave LaRonde Level 6

          The file you seek was made using AE version 5.5.  According to your post, you are running AE version, and you are not able to open it.  I would search for an alternate pixie dust tutorial.  There musst be comething like it on videocopilot.

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            Rick Gerard Adobe Community Professional & MVP

            Probably the biggest trick to copy and paste a mask path to a position path is to use keyframes. What I mean by that select the mask path you want to turn in to a motion path and set a keyframe. Select the keyframe in the timeline window then pick the motion path property you want to use and set a keyframe for that property. This could be position or in the case of the Pixie Dust tutorial you referenced it would be the position of Force 1 in shatter. Set that keyframe and then paste. AE will now add keyframes for that path. It works every time.


            To recap the Pixie Dust example this is the simple recipe:

            Add a new solid to your comp (comp size).

            Draw an open mask path on the solid using the pen tool.

            Press the M key to reveal the mask property, set a key frame and copy it using Ctrl/Cmnd + C or Edit>Copy

            Add Effect>Generate>Stroke to the solid

            Select 2 for the width, set the color, and then select paint style = On Transparent

            Now add Effect>Simulation>Shatter to the project.

            Set View = Rendered

            Render = Pieces

            Shape = Rhombi or Triangles

            Repetitions = 200

            Set a keyframe for Force 1 and paste using Ctrl/Cmnd + V or Edit>Paste

            Set Force 1 to a position of 0 and a size of .01 and a strength of 2

            Now add Colorama and Glow or Shine or Blur and you're done.


            You can get a different look by turning off or not using stroke. EZ as pie.


            Here's a CS6 Project file.

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              forever-rendering Level 1

              Ahh! Now I see what I was doing wrong. I was keyframing the position for Force1 and trying to paste the path (with no keyframes ) onto that position keyframe. Leave it to me to do things backwards.


              Thanks so much Rick! You rock!