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    Animation starting too soon in DPS


      Hi everyone,


      I have a small issue with a DPS layout I am putting together. I have one article that contains a short Edge animation, set to autoplay  as a web content overlay in InDesign. There is a separate, single page article that precedes the animated article in my folio.


      What seems to be happening in content viewer is that the animation in the second article begins while I am still looking at the first article - so unless I flick through to the second quickly, I miss it!


      If I have autoplay turned off, I have to tap the screen to start the animation, which is obviously not what I want.


      What I want is for the animation not to start until I visit the article it's actually in - but then start automatically. Does that make sense - and can anyone help!?


      Thanks in advance,


      Puzzled From London