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    Leading is not working!

    Henrik Engedal Nissen

      Hi, I have set all my paragraph styles to have a leading of 15. But even so, at the end of the document, the text on the left and right side are not at the same line height. They don't fit. I have seen if I did some mistake some where but I don't see that. Can anybody help me on this? I use Indesign CS5.    

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          Peter Spier Most Valuable Participant (Moderator)

          Please post a screen shot. You can embed it in a post using the camera icon onthe web page, like this:



          Most likely causes are you have space before/after applied to some paragraph or you are using the Justified option for vertical alignment in the text frame options and have a different number of lines in each frame. Other possibilities include a paragraph break with the wrong leading, a single character with a different leading applied that pushes one line down, or an Align to Grid for first line, and the grid does not match the leading.

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            Henrik Engedal Nissen Level 1

            I found the problem: I should also mention that I have put 2,646 mm before and after each quote. 5,592 should be the same size as 15 pt. But when a quote started on one page and finished on the next, the lines would not fit anymore.