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    Can this be done easily with After Effects?


      Hello, I am sorry for not knowing all the jargon and I am sure there is multiple ways of doing this. I would prefer the easiest way but I want to film a desert location and have a subject appear to be lowered into the ground like as if a secret lift drops and goes into the ground straight down. One issue is that it will be filmed at an angle, not directly sideways but more of an side shot/slightly overhead angle. The shot will be pretty far away so the details don't need to look perfect. I have been able to do something similar with a split screen going sideways but I can't wrap my head around doing it vertically with out digging a big hole. LOL. Is there any tutorials or something that could help me achieve this effect?


      I have used adobe photoshop before but I know almost nothing about any of adobes video stuff so please be gentle. Is this even the best program to use for something like this?

      Thanks for any help!