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    OSMF2 NetStatusBufferTrait - bufferNotSupported ?




      Can anyone explain what bufferNotSupported is supposed to be doing in the context of NetStreamBufferTrait on NetStatus.
      We are in the process of upgrading from 1.6 to 2.0.

      It turns out there is an issue with buffer events being cancelled when seeking due to bufferNotSupported reporting as true.

      Stage video is disabled and our player is running on web with wmode not set.


      VideoSurface is invoking onRenderState with an event property status set to 'accelerated'.


      VideoEvent -> VideoStatus.ACCELERATED
      Presentation in software, decoding in hardware. (Acceptable performance on a modern desktop system only. Degraded full-screen performance.)


      This appears to be correct


      The easiest way to fix our issue is to remove the recently added function get bufferNotSupported(). If possible i would like to understand why this has been added and also what the comment below refers to.

      //If the loading of data, handling and buffering is handled by hardawre (ex: iOS) we don't show get into the buffering state. See FM-1400.



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          Defocalise Level 1

          StageVideo is disabled but the Video object in FP 11.4 is dispatching a 'renderState' typed event as per...

          StageVideoEvent.RENDER_STATE and VideoEvent.RENDER_STATE

          The render state is showing as 'accelerated', meaning...

          "Presentation in software, decoding in hardware. (Acceptable performance on a modern desktop system only. Degraded full-screen performance.)"

          This is corrupting the get info():VideoSurfaceInfo return values when NetStreamBufferTrait calls get bufferNotSupported().

          When called the NetStreamBufferTrait

          if (bufferNotSupported)




          is always true. It shouldn't be...
          Video is actually buffering - this has a knock on effect of focring dual buffering to switch up too early and preventing display of buffer animation

          This kills the buffer display when seeking even though all buffering logic is working correctly.


          More info: http://help.adobe.com/en_US/as3/dev/WSe9ecd9e6b89aefd2-68d5ef8f12cc8511f6c-7ffe.html