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    getting a good frame rate going

    jigidyjim Level 1
      It seems like even with the simplest flash app, I'm not getting a great frame rate. I wrote the attached code just to display the frame rate.

      If I set the movie frame rate to 60, then I'm seeing displayed frame rates of around 37. If I set it to 30, I'm seeing around 24. My computer is fast enough to run high-end games at solid frame rates, so I don't think that is the issue.

      Is there anything that I'm missing, or is this just something I need to live with?

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          Craig Grummitt Level 3
          sorry jigidyjim i don't really have a solution for you but i thought some diagnostic information may help.
          i tried your code on my dual-core 2.1GHz machine.
          At 60FPS, i was seeing about 55-56, and at 25FPS, i was seeing pretty close to 25 most of the time. So it pretty much ran as expected.

          good luck with it!