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    Help with after effects Please

    faye stewart

      Im trying to leran how to make 3d photos in after effects .


      Unfortunatley i cant find any instructions that help me with my problems when i import my layered photoshop document and double click the composition layer i just get a huge black box in the middile of the screen.


      i can view the layers individually but not as a whole to play with. is there a 2d to 3d book for dummies? ha ha


      can any one help????

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          Fuzzy Barsik Level 4

          Check this Bob Donlon’s blog or that VideoCopilt tutorial.

          Also when you double-click a layer, it opens in the Layer tab. Switch to the Composition tab to see the whole comp you're working on.

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            Rick Gerard Adobe Community Professional & MVP

            If your imported file is not working the color space is probably not RGB. AE only works properly with RGB files.


            I think you are looking for 'the kid stays in the picture' / or more accurately, camera mapping or camera projection techniques. This is where you separate the foreground background and middle ground elements of a photograph into separate layers, bring them into a 3D app like AE's 3D space, distribute them in 3D space, and then animate a camera move on the layers.


            There's a plug-in from Video Copilot that kind of automates this process and that works very well for certain photographs. Photoshop's vanishing point tool can also be used, or you may do all of the work of separating layers by hand (my preferred method 95% of the time) and bring the PSD into AE as a comp, convert the layers to 3D, distribute them on the Z axis, add a camera and animate the camera.