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    ComboBox acting funny between keyframes

    David Mok
      There are two keyframes, "A" and "B", in
      my movie. A ComboBox is present on both
      keyframes with the same instance name.

      Items are populated on Keyframe "A". Then I do
      a gotoAndStop("B"). If the position of the
      ComboBox is shifted, then none of the items would
      show when the ComboBox is open. However, these
      items are still there when I check them by getItemAt()

      If the position of this ComboBox is not moved,
      then I could see all the previous items in it.

      What's going on, and how could I fix this problem?

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          Greg Dove Level 4
          I wouldn't have two keyframes with the combobox in it. I think that will be trying to replace the existing instance from frame A in frame B.
          I would have the second frame as a frame, but not a keyframe.

          If you want to move the combobox in frame B from frame A, just do it by code:
          if the name of your comboBox is myCombobox...put the following code on frame B (after making frame B just a regular frame and not a new copy/instance of the combobox).

          myCombobox.x +=100;
          myCombobox.y +=100;

          Try doing it like that, see if it makes a difference. (I don't use the timeline much so this is just a guess at what might work)