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    Quality issue MTS files in Premiere Pro

    kfs1 Level 1

      When I import and work with .mts video files moving objects look very jagged. When I view them in lets say Windows Media player they look fine



      The screen shot on the left is from the Program monitor of Premiere the right side is from Windows media.

      I know this must be some kind of setting issue but I am not sure what I need to do o correct this problem.


      Here are the file properties Premiere is giving me:

      File Path: F:\TSP Source files\Alexys\NTI\00088.MTS

      Type: MPEG Movie

      File Size: 159.0 MB

      Image Size: 1920 x 1080

      Frame Rate: 29.97

      Source Audio Format: 48000 Hz - compressed - 6 channels

      Project Audio Format: 48000 Hz - 32 bit floating point - 6 channels

      Total Duration: 00:01:20:00

      Average Data Rate: 2.0 MB / second

      Pixel Aspect Ratio: 1.0


      Any help on what I need to do to correct this video for use in Premiere would be greatly apreciated