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    Error Message in CS6 Indesign


      When i place a pdf in Indesign CS6, I get an error message:


      "Cannot cropt to Trim box. Either the trim box is not defined, or is empty"


      Any ideas on what this is referring to or what causes this issue...

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          Laubender Adobe Community Professional & MVP

          Just what the message said. There is no PDF TrimBox in the PDF. Place the PDF by using a different option…



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            Joel Cherney Level 5

            When you place a PDF, there's a little checkbox in the lower-left: "Show Import Options." Check that box when placing your PDF. In the "General" tab of your import options dialog, you'll see a "Crop to" dropdown. There are a bunch of options. I'm guessing that "Trim" is selected by default. We have no idea how that PDF you are trying to place was made - but it certainly sounds like the trim box is not defined. If you have no idea what any of those crop options are, read up on 'em. If you don't care - try Bounding Box (the normal default), or Media.