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    Super Basic AS Issue

      I have been having a fairly frustrating time with flash and I have a really basic question, not sure why it's not working:

      I created a file with a bunch of images in photoshop, then import into flash using the import tool, got all that to work fine. Then I have one of the items tween over to another spot then try to apply a on(click) (gotoAndStop(indentifier)) ). to that object. However it tells me that the current selection cannot have actions applied to it.

      I tried a few times and it wasn't working so I made a new file - super clean, jus tone object, to see if what I was trying to do was going to work.

      Layer 1
      Frame 1, has a text object (not a symbol)
      it motion tweens to frame 5

      Layer 2 (actions layer)
      frame 5 has stop(); applied to it.

      Why can't I apply actions to the text object? Even if I make another keyframe at frame 6, and move the stop to frame 6, I still cannot apply an action to it?

      I uploaded my swf and fla just in case the above was unclear. I also posted the .html however my browser tells me the page requires a .js file that I apparently don't have?


      Thank you for the help