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    Why switch to Revel?

    Mr Petyerson

      I don't use Apple products.  What good is Revel to me?  Will it discontinue supporting Elements 10 because Adobe wants us all to buy Elements 11?  Will my clients be able to see new postings?  I already use a seperate driver for storage, what protects my Revel storage from being copied by unauthorized users?

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          Pattie F Employee Moderator

          We hope you will at least give Revel a try. The Revel team is working hard to bring it up to speed with ps.com's capabilities while also maintaining its ability to sync your photos to all your devices - desktop as well as mobile (This is something that  Photoshop.com doesn't do).


          Since you will not have access to Photoshop.com sharing and storage for much longer, you will have to make a decision. Elements 10 does not connect to Revel but Elements 11 does.  You do not need to use an apple product to use revel. You have access through a web browser or android for moving files and sharing.


          If you do not wish to upgrade to Elements 11 and you want to continue to save files to the cloud, you can save files to your hard disk after changing them in elements, and then use the adoberevel.com to upload them to revel. Your jpg files will automatically be moved to Revel for you but you might want to consider sycing elements with ps.com or archiving all non jpg files soon as they will not be moved. You can share an album in Revel and send the link to others.  You can also limit their ability to viewing buy selecting to block downloads.


          Take a look at these links for some more related information on the transition from Photoshop.com to Revel.

          I hope that clears up the options a little.


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