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    Where are Pr 6.0 C: prefs?

    al_bergstein Level 1

      I'm getting an error message on startup that Premiere can't find C:\My Documents. There is nothing in the prefs on any of the menus inside Pr that point to C:\My Documents. Where does Premiere 6.0 store these prefs?  This has started since I moved my C:My Docs out to an F: drive (RAID). How can I repoint this within premiere? Reinstalling did not seem to change this issue.


      By the way, I don't get this error message on any of the other Suite products, such as AE PS etc.

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          Jim_Simon Level 8

          PP does use My Documents for hidden things.  Your best option is to keep it right where Windows created it.  Instead just create new folders on F: and add them to your Library.

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            Ann Bens Adobe Community Professional & MVP

            That is the first thing after installing Windows. Get My Documents of off C:\

            If windows crashes big your templates, styles etc are lost.

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              al_bergstein Level 1

              So I do have F:\My Documents in my Library as the default and only Windows My Documents folder. When I open Word it looks there. So Pr must have a prefs file somewhere that is looking for the old C:\My Documents folder. Where do I change it (registry, etc) to get Premiere to stop giving me this stupid error message when I start up? I have deactivated and uninstalled Premiere, and reinstalled it with the F:\My Documents folder active. So it must be picking up preferences from the old install and trying to map to them. Is there any other ideas? Deleting some prefs file? I already deleted the media cache, to no affect (yes, I rebooted, etc).


              I have copied the whole C:\\Username\User\My Documents folder to F:\My Documents (root of F). There is an ADOBE folder in there with a  number of subfolders. So everything came across as it was. So there are pointers somewhere. 


              Saying that it uses My Documents for 'hidden things" isn't quite the level of detail I needed, and I am sophisticated enough to make registry changes if need be. If I need to totally reinstall all of the suite I will but need to understand if there is a utility I need to reset the machine back to a clean install of Premiere before moving on. And please don't tell me to reinstall Windows. I have many other applications on this machine, and don't find the notion of killing the machine because one app is misbehaving. I can work around this for the time being.