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      I'm pretty new to After Effects, but have learned several things and will be helping others get up to speed on this beautiful program.


      IF POSSIBLE, CAN EACH PERSON POSTING A QUESTION here post a screen shot of their issue so that we may help you more quickly?


      Think about it.


      when we need help on AE, it's kind of like going to the emergency room in a hospital, but not being able to speak.


      How much harder would it be for the emergency room doctor to help you if you don't talk?  A picture is worth a thousand words.


      WHEN WE HAVE EMERGENCIES, we want help quickly, because we are bleeding everywhere.  Let's help those who help us.


      Then we can all become more intelligent and help each other more and help the folks who do all the heavy lifting trying to guess at solutions to our problems in the dark.


      Before we search for that document in our desk at night, it's always best to turn on the light.


      Your screen shot is that light.


      To post a screen shot inside your request for help, just click on the camera logo above each and every request for help that you post here and upload your image.


      To take a screenshot on a Mac, just press COMMAND SHIFT "4" all at the same time and then use your mouse to frame the image.


      thanks.  let's all get smarter together! 


      then the guys who are world class experts in this program that is as easy to learn as flying the space shuttle may start to tell us funny jokes.


      Matt Dubuque, 100 Trees





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