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      Hello, I'm going through Chris Meyer's video course on being an AE apprentice and have spent over an hour on the following issue.


      Here is what I know.


      I know I am trying to create a shape layer, not a mask, to create a frame to surround the video of the green field on the attached screenshot.  Therefore, I pressed "F2" to make sure I am doing so.


      I want to define the borders of this picture frame by using the pen tool to draw a path on the layer entitled "Windy Peak".


      I have highlighted that layer in my timeline.


      This video was pasted on to a placeholder shape that I had created using Command Option "/" on my Mac.


      I do have limited use of the pen tool, because it displays properly when I hover it above the borders of the video to be framed.


      But I lack access to the toolbar controls I want to complete my assignment.


      For example, I would like to create a gradient to define the internal coloration of this frame, but I have no use of the eyedropper when I click on the Color Picker.


      Also, I am unable to access or manipulate any of the standard fill or stroke options for use of my pen.


      This is what I know.  


      Thanks for your help!   Matt


      Screen shot 2013-03-07 at 2.39.18 PM.png


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