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    need to Pause (indeterminently) AS2 code

    avonova Level 1
      hi folks,

      I'm not sure if I'm biting off more than I can chew with this but here goes:-

      here's my query
      how adventurous is it to enable the user to pause the script/app for an indefinite/indeterminate interval and then resume play from where it was paused i.e. NOT re-set or re-start? and to do this on numerous occassions while the app is running?

      background info
      essentially the code is a custom flashcard app so the pause facility will permit the user to take a discretionary period to review/study the item/image on display then move to the next item for a (user specified default value) timed interval.

      use of setTimeout()
      I was hoping I could make use of the setTimeout keyword but I've learned that it is undocumented in Flash 8.
      So, here's another question - when setTimeout is actually implemented in some code:-
      does there exist, or is it necessary to have, a reset facility for the setTimeout(); I'm thinking along the lines of possible 'memory leakage' issue(s).

      any thoughts or suggestions gratefully received with thanks.