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    JVC Everio Audio Quality After Import


      I filmed quite a bit of video using my companies JVC Everio in full HD 1920x1080. The camera natively shoots in .tod format. I flipped it to .avi using AVS Video Converter. Both files play fine in VLC player, and they look just fine. After importing into premiere, the videos will barely play, and are super laggy. They video doesn't match up to the audio in the source window at all. I'll set in and out points, and only the video will go to the sequence in the timeline. Once I drag the audio and match it up to the video i just dragged, the audio doesn't match. I have to manually fix it. Even still, the audio sounds HORRIBLE. Again, it sounds just fine in VLC player, it's only after I import it that it made a womans voice sound slightly deeper, and just terrible quality. Am I doing something wrong in the import? Are there some sequence settings I need to change? I can fix most of the video problems, I can even deal with manually adjusting the placement of the audio and video after each insert of video from the source moniter, but I simply cannot deal with the loss of quality from the audio. Please help, I'd love to provide any additonal information about the system or project settings.