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    Rules on using Adobe fonts on clothing?


      I was just designing a shirt for myself, which a few people also want to buy when I make some copies. Now, I was planning on using my favourite font, Magnesium MVB STD, which is an Adobe font.


      Do you need to ask or pay Adobe any extra money in this case? Or does you license for the font cover everything you make with it?

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          Silkrooster Adobe Community Professional & MVP

          You can look at the license for that font. But generally speaking, most fonts don't interfere with printed material, license wise. Only if you shared the font file or if you claimed that you created that font you could be asking for trouble . But even that's not always the case (sharing font files that is) as more companies are providing allowances for embedding and under certain circumstances such as sending font files to a printer may be allowed depending on the license.

          When ever in doubt look at the license that usually is included in the download, part of a software package or on the companies web site. And if that doesn't shed light contacting the company direct is then best. Its always better to ask than to be found at the end of a major lawsuit.

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            kendallplant Adobe Employee

            Hi there! Because the forum you originally posted in is for beginners trying to learn the basics of Photoshop, I moved your question to the Adobe Licensing forum, where you'll get more specialized help.