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    One file is inaccessible while others are okay.

    Drewhoo Level 1

      I was browsing the internet and decided to watch a trailer of a movie that I've been anticipating when suddenly upon opening the trailer, not only did that go down but my computer froze up too. I was irked and flabbergasted at the same time, to say the least. This happend as I was taking a bit of an excursion away from my project which was opened and running at the time.


      So, I had to reached down towards my tower and press the reset button on the face of my case.


      So it boots up normally, nothing seems to be awry or anything..... that is, until I .............


      ..... try re-opening my project file, durring which, I was met with a nasty error message: "Adobe Premiere Pro has stopped working: a problem caused the program to stop working correctly. Windows will close the program and notify you if a solution is available".


      You know what's frustrating is that it was sooo close to fully opening! I am able to see what looks to be the contours of the premeiere interface; the tracks are there.... however the contents of which are entirely white-screened and missing, and of course, sitting on this pile of white-wash is that nasty error message, smiling at me. 


      I have subsequently tested other Premiere files to see if it was a wider issue, but nope - those files opened fine. It's isolated to this one, the one which was opened when my computer froze up and I had to reset it.


      Luckily I "saved" while working on the project before the incident which allows me to restore the previous version from the properties menu upon rt clicking on the file. But I don't want to have to settle for this if I can somehow get this to work, I'd be able to salvage my work.


      Why is this only not opening whereas everything else seems chipper? I tried the alt-cntrl simul-key press already, didn't work. Oh, and my version of Premeiere is updated to the latest and greatest.


      Any help or insight is welcomed and appreciated.